Local Employment Initiatives-Community Action of the E.C.B.

Project Objective: The project, featuring the participation of the Greek Federation of Restaurants and Related Businesses, was implemented within the framework of networking for professional associations. The initiative focused on counseling people who had repeatedly experienced exclusion from the labor market due to the decrease of their professional activities. As part of the initiative’s activities, the attendees received necessary counseling on various issues concerning their professional business support and their reintegration into the labor market.


In particular, the participants attended a number of workshops aiming at counseling and business empowerment in the gastronomy sector, the focus being the Attica region. Information on employment and business possibilities in the Mediterranean food and culture sector was also provided to the participants as an integral part of the workshop.

The workshops focused on: 

  • Entrepreneurship Potential in Culinary Tourism.
  • Professional skills improvement for the unemployed aiming at their empowerment which will facilitate their access to the job market.
  • Improvement of the training practice process in the counseling and professional orientation sector.
  • Viability analysis for small business units in the catering industry.
  • Funding opportunities through the NSRF in order to develop business (subsidizing new freelance professionals) and employment initiatives (New Job Positions).

Project results: The initiative brought about the empowerment of people/workers and the self-employed in the catering sector that facilitated their access to the labor market. In addition, business networking was promoted so that policies leading to conditions conducive to the creation of sustainable jobs in the dynamic catering and gastronomy industry could be implemented.

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