International Standards and Procedures Adaptation for the Greek and Italian Subsidiaries of a Multinational Company

The project’s objective was to combine immediate results with a maximum degree of flexibility and adaptability, fulfilling business needs. The intervention of Executive Options focused on:

  • Improving communication and interconnection between executives of all corporate levels
  • Enhancing operational capabilities and adopting “Best Practices”
  • Guiding in order to develop strategic and operating plans in a globalized business environment
  • Improving the abilities of executives and giving them the possibility to deal with change effectively
  • Ensuring participation in terms of understanding company goals and principles as well as basic tasks and important challenges faced

The project, including Coaching, Employee Recognition and Engagement and Cultural Diversity Utilization, was successfully completed in Greek and Italian subsidiaries through e-learning.


Alternative cultural elements were presented and analyzed at the seminars and the management methodology for overcoming the complex and powerful resistance blocks that emerge in any attempt to achieve change was developed.

The result of the seminars was strengthening the abilities of executives regarding change and interpersonal relationships. In particular, we aimed to achieve understanding of the vital role every executive plays in the company's change process and the creation of a common philosophy.

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