Project Description/ Duration/ Scope

Based on Customization methodology, Executive Options carries out Business English programs of 7,400 training hours that offer Added Value to one of the largest Public Utility Companies in Greece.

In order to implement the specific project, the company utilizes a wide variety of techniques that can be used in experiential learning such as questionnaires, interviews and observation. Our fundamental strategy is the utilization of the following methodological tools:

  • Written questionnaires
  • Personal interview with personnel training managers
  • Discussion with the entire team of trainees or with groups of trainees
  • Creation of special Focus Groups by the trainees

The introduction and implementation of important new and innovative practices in the training process constitutes a crucial parameter for the effectiveness and the quality of the training provided. In particular, the following innovative actions are adopted in order to carry out the specific training program:



  • Strengthened Feeling of Employee Adaptability
  • Productivity Enhancement and Improvement
  • Understanding the External and the International Environment
  • Boosting Employee Morale
  • Improved Company Image and Appeal as an Employer
  • Improvement of Organizational Stability

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