Incentive for Global and Local Growth


October 12th 2016


In this turning point for the Greek economy, when the country is seeking its new growth model that will allow it to transition to a period of recovery and improvement of its status in the global business environment, an interesting initiative comes to bring to the surface all the new facts of the ‘Multicultural Productive Coexistence’ and to showcase the strategic investment partnerships that Greek Public Utility Companies and Global businesses are entering into.

Organizational Culture

What is the business culture that best represents us?

The Public Utility Companies, due to their size and scope of activities, are the spearhead of the Greek economy in crucial areas like Energy, Water Supply, and Infrastructure. These companies constitute a desirable ‘Strategic Partner’ of international interest and, if they implement the ‘International Business Standards Incorporation Strategy’, will undoubtedly be the main drivers of growth for the entirety of Greek businesses. The Public Utility Companies, in other words, will be the pioneers to pave the way for a business culture that will represent us in the newly-established global business environment.

A Strategic Initiative for Greek Entrepreneurship!

The “INCENTIVE FOR GLOBAL & LOCAL GROWTH” conference aims at promoting the strategic investment partnerships of the Public Utility Companies with Global organizations and stressing their importance as a creative element that will change the business culture. In order to achieve a thorough analysis of their potential, Executive Options gathered all the Public Utility Company leaders, as well as investors, high-ranking corporate executives of Greek and multinational companies, social partners and research analysts who will lay the practical and theoretical groundwork for the cardinal issue of ‘International Business Standards Incorporation Strategy’.

Best Practices

Through our presence and the analyses of our distinguished speakers, we aim at ‘broadening’ the discussion on improving entrepreneurship. The Public Utility Companies constitute a fundamental pillar of societal development and prosperity and, therefore, the incorporation of the international business culture in their modus operandi is nothing less than absolutely vital.

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